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For the Teach-A-Thon, we recruit business professionals, culinary professionals  and community leaders to teach in person in a classroom.  However, it’s not career day. Instead, each volunteer teaches a lesson in person or virtually. 

However, we highly encourage community leaders to step into the classroom for a lesson. You’ll be supported every step of the way and gain insight into public education.

By having business professionals teach actual content, we accomplish two goals:  Students see the subject matter as more important, especially as many professionals can explain real-world applications of the subject. In addition,商界人士走进教室,发现我们为什么需要支持AG亚游集团官方网站公立学校. As part of the program, 商业专业人士将告诉同事他们的经验,为AG亚游集团官方网站公立学校筹集资金并获得支持.

For sponsorship opportunities or more information: 

Marilen Marnett at 305.298.9099 or mmarnett@adsense-money-machine.com                                                             

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  1. I will dedicate 2-4 (or more if you choose) hours of volunteer work (Sep. through Nov.), including the teaching session.

  2. a. 我会打电话或发邮件给我指定的老师,以商定我要教的课程和教学日期/时间.

  3. b. I know the Kick-Off Event on Sept. 26th is optional; I will try to attend.

  4. c. I will spend one hour teaching a lesson to students under the guidance of my assigned teacher.

  5. d. I will help The Education Fund champion the teaching profession, 包括告诉尽可能多的人我学到了什么,筹集资金支持教室(筹集的金额由我决定——这是我的目标)!).
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Do you have a colleague or business associate who you think would participate?
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